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Deputy Prime Minister Announces New Measures for Mass Events – Here are All the Details


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health, Chris Fearne yesterday announced new measures relating to mass events and places where crowds gather – measures which are applicable as from today.

Fearne said that social distancing and the government’s testing strategy are two of the factors which ensured that Malta deals the COVID-19 Pandemic in the successful manner in which it did.



In light of this, with effect from 8am this morning:

  • Any activity which will be organised shall have limited attendance, which will be calculated according to the size of the venue – with the formula being used will be that of 1 person per 4 Square Metres.
  • Within the venue there may not be more than 10 people together in one group.
  • Anyone who attends such events will need to leave contact details upon entrance, with this being done to facilitate contact tracing should the need arise.
  • Venues which take more than 100 people will need to submit a risk assessment to the relevant authorities, prior to approval (or otherwise) being given.
  • In agreement with the Curia, Permits for Festa Marches will not be given.


The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne addresses a press conference

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne addresses a press conference

Publiée par saħħa sur Jeudi 30 juillet 2020



DPM Fearne said that once permits are issued, inspectors will be at the event to check that all conditions are being adhered to, and if an event organiser cannot guarantee that people cannot stay in groups of ten, then the permit will not be issued.

The amount of staff members in the swab centres will also be increasing, so that the daily testing rate can also increase.



Superintendent of Public Health, Professor Charmaine Gauci said that all of the recent cases are nearly all people of young age, who are all in good medical condition, and, in their vast majority are being treated at home.