Debrii Talks Latest Tracks, Collabs & Inspiration On Malta’s Top 10 With Jake


This week, Malta’s Top 10 with Jake saw local producer and DJ Debrii, best known for his Simpatici remix, come on the show and talk about his latest tracks, upcoming collaborations, and the muse behind it all…



After nearly two years of quasi-lockdowns and an impending pandemic, it’s been pretty refreshing to see the music and entertainment scene come back to life. And as Debrii said, ‘I think we as DJs have recovered well… I love seeing friends get back to gigging, but I’m still waiting on those big festival shows’.



Talking about his latest track Wassup, Debrii remarked that on his Spotify, ‘you can see that’ he has ‘a little bit of everything’. With Wassup, the artist revealed he ‘was experimenting with a more powerful sound’, then he ‘tried to record’ his vocals and bada-bing, bada-boom, Wassup was born.



But before Wassup came about, we saw Debrii producing some pretty sick tracks, like the Simpatici soundtrack remix which went viral on TikTok – which got us wondering… how does he come with the ideas?!



Fejn huma l-Maltin? 😅 #malta #maltatiktok #simpatici #remix

♬ Tkellimni Xejn Debrii Remix – Daniel Briffa


Well, as Debrii said, ‘Don’t take yourself too seriously in music. It’s good to pride yourself on good quality music and performances but it’s still important for your audience and yourself to take it a little less seriously from time to time’.



Though he recently shifted his focus more on DJ-ing and content, Debrii still has ‘a lot of unfinished projects’, so he’s keeping an eye out on some local talent (X Factor, we’re looking at you)!


Last but not least, Debrii emphasised the need for a stronger community in the local music industry: ‘We’re such a small country, that we could do so much more if only we helped each other out some more’.


Malta’s Top 10 with Jake will be back next Monday at 9:30pm!

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