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Dazzling pictures show Valletta glittering at night

Valletta is seen in a dazzling display of multi-coloured lights in a stunning new series of aerial photographs.

Maltese drone photographer Brian Scicluna from Maltaltitude spent several hours hovering over the capital to picture the city sparkling at night.

Brian, 32, from Zejtun told 89.7 Bay he enjoys capturing urban landscapes from the air.

He said: ‘I love to look at things from different perspectives and different angles.

‘Aerial photography satisfies my curiosity but I either had to have a lot of money or a helicopter to get airborne and I don’t have any of either!

‘So when affordable drones came around, my problem was resolved.’

Brian added: ‘After some time getting comfortable with my copter, I started venturing out to explore Malta from a different angle.

‘With the possibility to shoot 4k footage I also experiment with short five minute videos.

‘I simply want to share my hobby and my country with everyone.’

Brian said a lot of planning went into filming Malta’s capital city.

He said: ‘I just love anything Valletta!

‘The streets of Valletta and the way roads are organised was always something I wanted to shoot from above.

‘I’m very fond of all the pictures from this photoshoot.’

The spectacular shots show Valletta’s historic streets from every angle with a smattering of car and city lights.

Iconic landmarks including Triton Fountain, Castille Place, St George’s Square and The Palace are captured in the amazing images.

More pictures can been seen on Brian’s Maltaltitude Facebook page.

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