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Dad Punishes Son By Making Him Eat Vegan Food For A Month

Vegan punishment


This dad took punishments to a whole new level after making him eat vegan food for a month.

This was after he caught his son picking on his older sister.


The dad shared the punishment on Reddit to ask if he was wrong for making his son go vegan after his son took his pranks too far.



Apparently, his son pranked his daughter by throwing all her food away. After this happened, the dad made him eat nothing but vegan food for the whole month. His daughter has been vegan for over a year, pays for her own food, and cooks it herself if there is no family vegan option.


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His Reddit post caused a mix of emotions and received comments like, “You aren’t starving him, and you aren’t even singling him out… [your son needs to learn that] being an a**hole has consequences, and I think you handled it well” and “He [may] build resentment to his sister, you both as parents, and to the idea of eating vegan/vegetarian.”


Do you agree with this punishment?