Cynergi Personal Trainer Shares Inspiring Story on Mental Health Awareness Day

In a recent post posted by Cynergi Health & Fitness Centre, one of the personal trainers, Mike Hughes inspires us all with his motivational video on his battle with Mental Health.

“Mental Health is something that’s really really important to me and I think it’s really important to everybody.”

Anyone who’s more or less on the same boat as Mike will definitely relate to his story.

Mike is a long distance and a triathlon athlete.

Mike explains how ashamed he was to talk about his Mental Health issues when he was younger. After realising he’s suffering from depression, he sought professional help and turned to sport to soothe his soul. It worked wonders for him.

“Exercising produces endorphins and serotonin. Going for a run or kicking the punch bag will help you feel happier. Dogs are great too, they make you get out and they’re amazing companions.”

A role model to us all, he explains how every day is a struggle, but it’s how you choose to take on your day that matters.

“It’s ok not to be ok, as long as you do something about it, seek help and take appropriate action”


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