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Cyberbullying is Not OK – Teen Behind Kinnie Tik Tok Gets Death Threats

We really need to learn how to take a joke. When someone has very strong opinions on something as “unimportant” as a beverage, chances are, it’s a joke.

And even if it weren’t a joke, and the kid actually has such strong opinions on a beverage, is it something that merits death threats? Is there really anything that merits a death threat?

It baffles me as to how I even need to spell this out to some internet users out there, but no matter how much someone’s post, or actions bother you … it is never ok to bully them or even worse, send death threats.

Sitting behind your screen and writing nasty comments to someone you barely know is already, to put it very very lightly, a highly questionable decision … but death threats??

We spoke to Cameron, the teen behind the Kinnie tasting Tik Tok that was doing rounds on socials the other day, which he soon had to delete due to the barrage of hurtful and hateful comments he received.

To great disbelief, he informed us that he was receiving not only very hateful comments … but also death threats over the video he posted.

“A lot of people who saw the video, took it to heart. The way I reacted to drinking Kinnie was meant to be a joke. I sincerely apologise if it offended you. It was not meant to offend anybody. What so ever!

“I was clearly acting and being silly in the video, but I did not wish to offend any Maltese people, period!

“But receiving death threats like I’m going to put a knife to your throat if I ever see you on the streets…..or go back to your home country before I kill you……and I’ll put poison in your drink is no way to go about this. This made me feel so sad. So very sad and very scared!

“But my sincere apologies to all Maltese people! Hope everybody keeps safe and thank you!  And once again sorry to all!!!”

We are lucky to have the opportunity to communicate with friends and family as well as the rest of the world, and this is how you choose to use it?

Harassing and scaring someone who is only looking to have a bit of fun, and make a little joke on a platform that was specifically designed just for that?

Thank your lucky stars we have the internet to keep us occupied during these times of isolation – our grandparents had to hide in shelters doing basically nothing during the war.

Using social media as a weapon isn’t OK.

So next time you feel like taking your desperation and anger out on some poor soul who has probably done nothing/ very little to deserve the hurt you’re about to unleash on them…. think… should I really?

And if for some odd reason, the conclusion that you reach is that yes, you should, do everyone, yourself included, a favour, and step away from the keyboard until you’re back to your senses.