WATCH: Golden-Buzzer Father and Son Duo’s Participation at Ghanafest goes Viral!


We all sat at home last night watching father-and-son duo Joemike and Lydon get the Golden Buzzer at Malta’s Got Talent thanks to their rendition of a classic Maltese Makkjetta.

Well, this was not the first time the two performed together, as a video of their participation at this year’s Ghanafest Online Edition has been making the rounds on social media today, and, well, people are just confirming just how talented these two are!



Traditionally, the makkjetta  is an off-shoot of għana and is always a humorous song. It has developed since the 1960s due to the merits and persistence of young Fredu Spiteri l-Everest who died tragically in 1965.

His worthy successor is the late Fredu Abela Il-Bamboċċu who has a good number of compact discs to his name. When TV started Charles Clews was one of the most-known makkjettisti!



At just 5 years of age, Lydon developed a love for Maltese Traditional Ghana and Makkjetti, and he is proving to be a natural when performing these songs, giving us also super cute dance moves and facial expression, which make him Malta’s own custom-sized emoji! One this is for sure though – with Lydon, there is just the right chance for Maltese traditions to remain alive!

We all can’t wait to see what they will bring to the semi-finals of MGT!



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