Customs Dog Wins ‘Best Uniformed Dog In Malta’ Award


Customs dog, Peter, has won the award for the best-uniformed dog during the very first edition of the Malta Animal Honours Award!



The award was organised by the Ministry for Animal Rights and the Commissioner for Animal Protection.


Peter wins Best Dog in Uniform award during Malta's Animal Honours Awards -  Newsbook


5-year-old Peter was recruited by the Maltese Customs department back in April, 2018. After undergoing proper training, the dog entered into service in September, 2018, and received the official license on the 15th of November.



In under three years of service, Peter successfully carried out 84 operations, including the seizure of 27 cases relating to undeclared money amounting to €598,859.


Iran Customs Clearance INFORMATION FOR IMPORTS - InKala International  Relocation Iran


Peter also sniffed another 54 cases relating to tobacco with a total of 150kg and three cases of cannabis and cocaine!

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