‘Cruella’ Receives Raving Reviews – ‘Don’t Mistake This For Just A Typical Disney Film’


If you’re wondering what you need to know about the new Cruella movie by Disney – there’s no princesses, love stories, or a happy ending. No sir, this movie is a revenge tale, where Emma Stone stars as Estella, an aspiring designer who makes her way in the world through picking pockets.



Estella gets her dream job working for the Baroness, played by Emma Thompson. However, the relationship between Estella and the Baroness quickly goes sour, and it inspires Estella to transform into Cruella, an evil version of herself.



Peter Mayo, from Mansfield, even sold his rare luxury Panther De Ville car to Disney just for the Cruella movie. One luxury car collector described it as “amazing” to see one of his cars driven around on a big screen by Cruella de Vil.



“It was amazing seeing it on the screen but she’s not as careful a driver as I am. It was quite painful to watch her driving it.” “It’s weird, you cannot describe the feeling when the star of the movie is your car.”



However, the movie still got some negative reviews. Vanity Fair described the movie as a “tiring, deeply uncool assault, reaching its nadir with that hammy fashion show, in which punk is born and then immediately smothered in its crib.”


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