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Crowdfunding Campaign Set Up To Fund the ‘Very Heavy’ Repatriation Cost for Xemxija Accident Victim’s Body


German national Ralf, lost his life tragically on Monday 7th September in a traffic accident in Xemxija. His work colleagues, have set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds needed to be able to transport Ralf’s body back to Germany.

The description of the campaign states that Ralf had spent a long time making Malta his second home, very far away from his family in Germany. The transportation of the body back to Germany will cost €4,500 and this does not include the funeral costs.



“As the company who has employed him for over 7 years, and become his second family, we are reaching out for help to cover the expenses and help his family have their son and brother close to home,” his colleagues write, adding that it is the least they can do after all the years of friendship and hard word.

“A lot of us did not get to say goodbye due to the current situation and we do hope that this one last deed will help us heal too,” they say.



Julia Naumann, the creator of the GoGetFunding page for this campaign shares that it is hard to make sense out of why life is so cruel – it is beyond anyone’s comprehension. “There is nothing we can do to take the pain away from the people who were closest to him. What we can do, is honour his name and help out those who are suffering the most.”

She says that Ralf will always be remembered as the kindest, giving and most compassionate individual.