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Crowdfunder Set Up For 12-Year-Old Boy Who Had His DJ Equipment Confiscated


A group of generous people has set up a crowdfunding project for 12-year-old Cael Bell who had his DJ equipment confiscated at school, but what’s even more interesting is the reason he got it confiscated!


12-Year-Old DJ Busted for Throwing Rave in School Bathroom | Your EDM


Just like any great DJ, young Cael hit the turntables at a rave party he organised for all of his friends. He advertised his event on Snapchat a week before, as well as handing out Cadbury’s Twirls and Lucozade to promote the event.



The only issue that the school had was that the rave was organized in the boys’ bathroom, where the party went on for a steady 30 minutes before teachers shut it down and confiscated his equipment and lights. What a legend!


The 12-year-old who held a school toilet rave has had his equipment seized | Dazed


This event went viral after Cael’s mum found out about what happened and posted it online, letting Cael know that she was not mad at him at all!



As a result, a Go Fund Me page has been set up in support of Cael, with a goal of £1000 to fund a new set-up for the young DJ to motivate him to continue his career. The page description reads:

“Legend in his own lunchtime Cael Bell (age 12) organised a rave in the toilets at lunchtime at school and had his equipment confiscated. This kind of party starting behaviour should be rewarded and we aim to get him a better/bigger rig. The aim is to get a more professional controller a laptop and/or some powered speakers depending on what he needs and how much is raised. Partygoers and DJ’s unite to support the next generation.”


12-year-old throws rave in school toilets, teachers seize equipment


The fundraiser currently stands at an impressive £587, so over half-way to the target! Any amount over the target goal will generously be donated to Listen Up Therapy, a therapy programme aimed towards individuals in the music industry!