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Crematorium Proposed To Be Built Near Addolorata Cemetry


The Planning Authority is currently screening an application for the development of a crematorium of an area of over 7,600 square meters near the Santa Marija Addolorata cemetery in Paola.


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The application was submitted by the company Active Group, which is the owner of the land in the area known as Tal-Ħorr.



They applied to develop the first crematorium in our country on three levels, two of them underground. The application includes the construction of two mortuaries, a cremation room, and an ash storage area for relatives who do not want to take them home among various other facilities related to the use of the crematorium.


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Three years ago, the planning authority had rejected an application from the same company, shortly before a law regulating crematoria came into force. The case officer had recommended that this application be rejected on the grounds that the 2014 policies prohibited the development of new cemeteries and only allowed the extension of existing ones.



Cremation in Malta entered into force in May 2019, after Parliament approved a private bill tabled by MP Rosianne Cutajar which also provides a legal framework on how cremation can take place and also on what can be done with the ashes of cremated people.


The law also provides a special register that will be in the hands of the superintendent of public health, in which people can choose to sign up for cremation. However, the register must keep a record of what happened to the remains of the cremated person.