Creators of the UNO Card Game Settle a Debate Once and For All!


The creators of the family-favourite card game UNO have only went on and caused a stir on social media after confirming a simple rule, which as time went by, has become the cause of large-scale family feuds.

‘Go Ahead, roast us,’ they said, as they announced that ‘You cannot STACK a +2 on a +2.’ Shocking right?



So, to make it easy for all you out there, what SHOULD happen if you play a +2 card is that the next person draws two cards and then skips their turn – so there shall be no more of those funny eye connections to conspire against the apparent winner and there will be no ‘x’ghandek inti?’ to make up the perfect evil plan!

Now, while the tweet has been ‘liked’ more than 13,000 times, it’s fair to say not everyone is happy and plenty of social media users have hit back after finding out they’ve been playing the game wrong all this time.



One person said ‘My whole life has been a lie,’ while another said that ‘Uno just needs to understand that they make cards, not rules.’

The account entertained most tweets by even replying to some tweets and sticking to their guns. And just in case it wasn’t clear, the account also explained that ‘no stacking of any cards is allowed,’ so this rule also applies to those +4 cards.



HOWEVER, to those who want to stack, UNO gave a house rules allowance explaining that ‘when playing House Rules, you just need to make sure all players agree before starting the game. Get it? ALL Players have to agree.

Looks like Christmas meals will be somewhat calmer. Happy Uno!