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COVID Vaccine Booster Shots For Elderly Care Home Residents Have Started


Malta has begun handing out COVID vaccine booster shots for elderly care home residents on Monday. Senior citizens at Floriana’s nursing home were the first to receive their booster dose!



Health Minister Chris Fearne and Senior Citizens Minister Michael Farrugia were both present to mark the milestone. Later this week, residents at St Vincent de Paul will start receiving booster doses.



The administration of booster shots was meant to start on September 13 but the date was moved forward after two clusters of cases were found within care homes last week.


person in brown long sleeve shirt with white bandage on right hand


Fearne has previously said that the government is also looking at clinical data to determine whether booster shots should be administered to the elderly population more generally.



All booster shots being handed out are mRNA vaccines manufactured by Pfizer or Moderna. Governments are eager to provide a third dose to members of the population with weaker immune systems.


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Malta is one of the first European countries to start administering the third shot. In the meantime, France is offering third doses to those with weakened immune systems, while Germany has said that it will offer all those deemed vulnerable booster shots as of this month. Hungary is offering all citizens a third vaccine dose.



The World Health Organisation has said millions of people worldwide have yet to receive a single COVID-19 vaccine dose yet.