COVID-19: Two New Precautionary Measures Announced


Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne announced that where there will be crowds in the outdoors, even though not organised, and where these will be made up of more than five people, the Superintendent of Public Health will be delegating her authority to the Malta Police Force, the Police can intervene to break up this “crowd”. This measure will come into effect immediately.

Hon Fearne also announced that all persons above the age of 65 years, and persons of any age with chronic diseases (such as, Insulin-Dependant Diabetics, Persons who are on any Biological Medication, Persons who underwent Chemotherapy in the past six months) Persons who are Immunosuppressive, Persons who are on Dialysis, Pregnant Women, Persons who have Respiratory problems, and others who will be announced in a Legal Notice, will be encouraged to stay indoors, in an almost absolute manner, apart from some exceptions. This will come into effect from Saturday Morning.

He announced this whilst addressing a joint press conference with the Superintendent of Public Health, Prof Charmaine Gauci.

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