COVID-19: Schools closed till End of June, SEC Exams Postponed

In a Press Conference this morning, Minister for Education and Employment Owen Bonnici announced that the schools are to remain closed until the end of June.

Minister Bonnici said that students in Years 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 will progress to the next scholastic year automatically, whilst the Benchmark Examinations will not be held – students in Year 6 will be assessed on their performance (until the directive to close the schools came into place) to determine their progression to Year 7.

The O-Levels (SEC Exams), will not be held, and students who were about to start these exams in a matter of weeks, will be assessed by the MATSEC Board on their mock examination results and their mock examination paper – so that the board can get a full picture of the student’s performance.

All students will, however have the choice to, irrespective of their assessment results, sit for their SEC Examinations in the September session.



The April/May Session of the A-Level Examinations will not be held, and will be postponed to September, with resits happening in December. Students will be able to start their studies at University or MCAST in the next scholastic year, with Minister Bonnici saying that the Probationary Student Clause will be widened to include these circumstances.

University examinations will still be held in the usual dates (June/July) – for most courses, apart from some courses which would have e.g. clinical placements in hospital/teaching practice. University Rector, Prof Alfred J Vella, said that new online means of examination will be used.



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