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COVID-19: Repatriation Travel Advice by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In view of the ever increasing spread of the COVID-19 and in view of the increasing lockdowns of airports abroad, Maltese nationals currently abroad are urged to make their way to Malta by no later than Sunday 12th April 2020 via London Heathrow or Frankfurt Main, by making use of any available commercial flights.

The flight itinerary together with a copy of the passport bio page are to be sent to [email protected] for reservation of repatriation flights from London Heathrow or Frankfurt Main. Persons who choose to remain abroad after the 12th April 2020, will remain at their own risk.  The Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs cannot guarantee repatriation after this date.

The above also applies to third country nationals in possession of a valid Maltese residence permit. For reservation of repatriation flights, a copy of the passport and residence card is to be submitted together with the flight itinerary on [email protected].



Persons who are unable to travel because of imposed lock downs are to inform the Ministry on [email protected].  Those who have are already registered with the Ministry are also urged to send an email with an update of their current status.

The Situation Centre at the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs remains available from 08:00hrs to 20:00hrs from Monday to Sunday and can be reached by phone on 00356 2204 2200.

Reservations for repatriation flights will only be accepted by email.