COVID-19: Prime Minister Robert Abela announces New Financial Package for Businesses


During a Press Conference this evening, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced a new financial aid package for businesses, in light of the COVID-19 Outbreak.

Dr Robert Abela said that together with the social partners, they have come up with a historic pact.

The “ambitious measure”, as labeled by the Prime Minister, will see 60,000 people who are employed in sectors which have been hit the hardest during this outbreak, receiving €800 monthly each, paid for by the Government. This will also be applicable to part-timers (pro-rata).



In cases where people earn up to €1,200 monthly, the Government will still provide for €800 monthly per employee, with the rest of the sum, i.e. €400, will be paid for by the employer – where it would be possible for the employer. In cases where people earn more than €1,200 monthly, these will still get €800 monthly, paid for by the Government – more than that it is up to the employer to cover the rest, where this would be obviously for the employer.

For employees in sectors which were less affected, but still affected by the COVID-19 Outbreak – the Government will be paying a day’s pay (based on an €800 wage) – with the possibility of this going up to two days’ pay, further down the line.

For Gozitans working in the sectors which have been less affected, the payout mechanism will be of two days. Those who are self-employed, and who also employ workers, will be eligible to pay which covers three days, on a weekly basis.

A set of Social Security measures were also announced:

Parents who both work in the private sector and who have decided that one of them will stay at home to look after their children, will receive a payment of €800 monthly.  

Persons with Disability, who are registered with JobsPlus and who are employed in the private sector, and had to stay at home because they are more vulnerable to COVID-19 due to their condition, will also benefit from €800 monthly. 

Private sector employees who have lost their job with effect from March 9, 2020 onwards due to the COVID-19 pandemic will receive €800 monthly.  

The new measures are applicable (back-dated) from the 9th March 2020, and will be administered by the Department of Social Security, and Malta Enterprise.




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