COVID-19: People allowed To Congregate Outdoors in Groups of Not More than 3


A Legal Notice is due to be published, whereby it will be prohibited for people to congregate in groups of not more than three (3) people. The same legal notice will also bring into force a Wi-Fi restriction in public areas, to try and limit people being outdoors unnecessarily.

These measures were announced by the Minister for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement Byron Camilleri, in a press conference.

Minister Camilleri has said that people who will be in groups of people of more than three people, a 100 Euro fine per person will be applicable. The Minister also said that in places such as Bus Stops and Banks people need to keep a 2-metre distance between each other.

Speaking during the virtual press conference, Minister Camilleri said that he was very disappointed in seeing people out on picnics, or at other large-scale gatherings, oftentimes with children.

Minister Camilleri said that Police Cavalry and K-9 Unit Officials will be assigned in rural spaces to ensure that this new measure is being followed. Whilst calling for everyone’s cooperation, the Minister said that an increase in the fine will not be excluded as an option to enforce further.


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