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COVID-19: Malta among the First Countries in Europe to Use Specialised Testing Machine


As Malta remains one of the EU Countries with the highest rate of COVID-19 Swab Tests per capita, from the coming days this rate is set to increase, as the Pathology Department within Mater Dei Hospital is carrying out its final preparations to start using a Specialised Robotic COVID-19 Testing Machine.

This new machine, will make it possible for the Pathology Department to process around 800 tests daily, as it reduces the processing time to minutes. This means that test results will be available and ready, on the same day that the test is carried out.

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne once again stressed on the importance of early testing and detection – he said that “the more tests carried out at this stage, the better – as we would be able to provide immediate care to those who result positive, whilst also ensuring that they are in isolation so as to prevent transmission, as much as possible.”