COVID-19 Leads to Changes in THIS Emoji by Apple


Some emojis out there are used far more than others, whether it’s the flirty-kissing emoji, whether it’s the heart, whether is the MEH emoji, of even the thumbs-up.

But, there is one emoji which only became pretty popular this year, and it is now probably the most relatable one of them all.



We are referring to the Face Mask emoji or, to use the official name ‘Face with Medical Mask’ – which has become the unlikely symbol of everyday life for 2020, and it is also not only relevant just for those working in clinical settings – and now, the lovely people at Apple have given it an upgrade.

In fact, in this update, which comes with iOS 14.2, which is still in beta stage, and will be released later this month or November 2020, the face with the mask looks a little more cheerful, showing that wearing a mask isn’t really a bad thing.



Before, the emoji had exasperated downturned eyes, and looked a bit sorry for itself. But after its makeover, the face not only has cheerful blushing cheeks, but its happy eyes imply there’s even a smile going on under that covering.

Emojipedia has made it even easier for us to not the difference.


Credit: Emojipedia

As for Apple’s other new emojis heading our way as part of the software update, we’ll have plenty to choose from – including a transgender symbol, a tiny image of a beaver, a gender-inclusive Santa Claus, a set of baby bottle feeding signs, a sink plunger (because, why not?), some bubble tea, a boomerang, a piñata, a temple, an anatomically correct heart and even a ‘happy crying’ emoji (not to be confused with the crying while laughing one, of course).

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