COVID-19: Government Assisting two Maltese Senior Citizens Stranded on a Cruise Ship


The Government will be assisting two Maltese senior citizens who are currently stranded on the Cruiseliner Colombus who is currently on its way to the United Kingdom.

This decision was taken by the Prime Minister Robert Abela, Minister Ian Borg, and the Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci.

The two senior citizens will be brought to Malta by a special bought which will be sent out to sea by Transport Malta to the area where the Cruiseliner would be refueling, some 20 miles away from Malta. The Government assured that anyone involved in this operation will be wearing the required protective equipment.

As soon as the two Maltese nationals, will disembark in Malta, they will be kept under mandatory quarantine, since they suffer from chronic conditions, thus making them vulnerable.

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