COVID-19: EU To Propose Gradual Border Reopening


European countries will be advised to open borders to countries with similar coronavirus risk profiles under a plan to bolster the ailing tourist industry being discussed in Brussels.

Today, the European Commission will recommend a phased approach to the reopening of border. This means that EU countries with “similar overall risk profiles” on the pandemic will open to tourists from each other’s countries.


Photo: EPA/EFE – Kenzo Tribouillard


European Commissioner for the Economy, Paolo Gentiloni said that he expects there to be a summer tourist season in Europe despite the coronavirus pandemic.

“We will definitely have a tourist season in the summer,” Gentiloni told Sueddeutsche Zeitung, but stressed that there will have to be “safety measures and restrictions” due to the virus.

Meanwhile, the latest from Europe, Austria and Germany have agreed to open their borders in two steps: some restrictions will be lifted on Friday before a full reopening on 15 June, while Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia will open their borders to each other from Friday – creating a so-called Baltic bubble.

Malta had previously proposed this approach to the European Union, with the creation of so-called safe air corridors being one of the solution to reignite the tourism industry. The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association President, Tony Zahra, in the latest episode of Bay Chats had said that they would like to see these air corridors opening by mid-June, mentioning Sweden, Slovakia and Israel as possible countries with which these corridors can commence.

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