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COVID-19 Enforcement Going Strong: 1545 Fines Issued Last Week


As Malta is currently battling what seems to be another COVID-19 spike which has also been brought about by the transmission of the UK Variant, enforcement by local authorities is going strong to ensure that everyone is following all the COVID-19 restrictions currently in place to reduce the spread – restrictions, which, judging by the numbers of the past four days seem to be already bearing fruit.

Nevertheless, local authorities have had a busy week patrolling and issuing fines wherever necessary. Just last week, some 1,545 fines were issued.

1,289 fines were issued to persons who were not wearing protective face masks, which are mandatory by law. 148 persons were found congregating in groups of more than four.

Meanwhile, a further 108 fines were issued in relation to other restrictions, including to those who were found breaking the regulation which limits the number of people gathering indoors (to people from two households only).

Apart from all the above, 6 people were found breaching mandatory quarantine and were fined accordingly.