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COVID-19: Another Person Being Released From Mater Dei

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health has just announced that another person is being sent home – which brings the amount of recovered cases to two people. Mr Fearne also said that all the persons who currently have the virus, are in a good condition.

Hon Fearne also spoke of the amount of resources which are available outside Mater Dei, including additional beds in Boffa Hospital, should the need arise.

Moreover, Mater Dei is also getting an additional A&E Unit specifically for COVID-19 Cases, should the need arise.

DPM Fearne also announced that as from tomorrow child-care services for Healthcare professionals will be made available, as well as self-quarantine quarters for medical and healthcare professionals.

Meanwhile, from Tuesday, all n0n-urgent medical operations will be halted and postponed to a later date.

This will also free up medical staff and resources. All emergency, trauma and cancer-related surgeries will be performed. Patients whose surgery will be cancelled will be given new appointments. Fearne acknowledged that the waiting list will grow but said things should be back on track within six months.