COVID-19: 14 New Cases After 1,727 Tests Which Were Carried Out, 2 People Recovered In The Past 24 Hours


On the Health Ministry Facebook page it was announced that after 1,727 tests which were carried out in the past 24 hours, 14 New Cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed, whilst 2 more people recovered.


A quick look at Malta’s numbers after this update, shows that the total number of cases in Malta now stands at 546, with 450 persons who have already recovered, and 6 people who died. The total number of active cases now stands at 90.


In Brief

First Reported COVID-19 Case in Malta: 7th March 2020

Number of Cases so Far: 546

Number of Active Cases: 90

Number of Recovered Patients: 450

Number of Tests so far: 49,231

Number of Deaths: 6   


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