Couple Gets Married In Pink And Blue Shark Onesies


Alexandra and Mike Aliscio decided to ditch traditional weddings after they got married on the beach in matching pink and blue shark onesies. The couple got married on March 6th after they decided to tie the knot that same morning while wearing their matching onesies.


The 34-year-old bride and the 40-year-old groom were married by a friend of theirs who is a notary whilst another one of their friends took their wedding photographs for free. After exchanging vows, they celebrated their wedding with a barbeque in North Palm Beach Florida.


Alexandra and Mike on their wedding day


Their wedding photographs included pictures of them holding onto each other’s fins promising to love, honour and obey each other. Despite getting mixed reactions from their families, the couple has no regrets about their wedding and  described their wedding weekend as the “best weekend of their lives.”


Alexandra said that they might organize a traditional wedding later this year. She said that initially, their engagement snaps were meant to be in onesies but that didn’t end up happening.


Alexandra and Mike in their onesies


She said: “The barbecue afterwards probably cost us £76 ($100), so I guess it’s a £76 wedding… The sharks are totally random. We got the onesies for Christmas two years ago, and we’ve had them but never put them on.”


Would you do something like this?