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Couple Gets Married 400 Feet In The Air


When people say love is in the air, they don’t usually mean it literally. However, when it came to Ryan and Kim’s wedding, it became real!






Slackliners Kim and Ryan went out of the norm for their special day and said her vows 400 feet (121 metres) up in the sky, help up by a web of slacklines. They fell in love at a slacklining festival in Moab, Utah, so it was only fitting that they sealed the deal on a slackline!





As Kim said: “The Fruit Bowl Highline Area in Moab has a lot of significance to us. Three years ago, Ryan’s idea of a second date was to take me on a two week road trip to Yosemite, Vegas, Zion, and Arches, with a slacklining festival in Moab as the main destination.”

“We now consider this festival our anniversary. This festival is the only time of year we get to see ALL of our friends from all over the world (Europe, South America, Australia, Iceland, and Canada) all in one place, so it made sense for us to get engaged there and get married there. Not to mention, this may be one of the only destination weddings that was actually convenient for 99.9% of its guests!”





Would you dare to have such a wedding?