Could This be the Last Season of Love Island?

ITV is currently facing calls to cancel super popular Reality Show Love Island following the tragic death of former host Caroline Flack.

Caroline was removed from Love Island after allegations of assault were made by her boyfriend, Lewis Burton.

She denied all allegations and was due to appear in court next month. Caroline faced intense media backlash in the UK and was advised to stay off social media.

A lawyer for the Flack family confirmed on Saturday (15 February) that Caroline took her own life and was found in her east London home.

Caroline’s death is the 3rd suicide committed by Love Island protagonists.

Many have taken to their socials, asking ITV to cancel Love Island.

They pointed to the deaths of two former Love Island contestants – Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis – and the fact The Jeremy Kyle Show was cancelled after a participant died, as reason enough to permanently end the series.

Saturday night’s Love Island episode (the highlights one), as well as last night’s episode were cancelled by ITV at the last minute.

What do you think? Should Love Island get the axe following the death of Caroline Flack?

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