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Coronavirus Holiday Crisis?

Travellers to and from Malta are in limbo about whether they should cancel their travel plans for fear of being exposed to the virus sweeping the globe.

A press release by the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority has shed some light on what happens in cases where your travel plans coincide with countries affected by the coronavirus.

Your travel plans are affected by the outbreak

If your travel plans are significantly changed by the current coronavirus outbreak, like for example, you’ve booked to go see a football match but that has been cancelled, you have the right to terminate the package travel contract without paying any termination fee and request a full refund from the tour operator.

In such instances, you are entitled to a full refund within 14 days, regardless of any terms and conditions agreed to in the sales contract that prohibit such refunds.

If you decide to cancel package holidays which can be performed in full without any reduction of significant parts of the original holiday programme, you are not entitled to claim full refund. In such situations, you may be required to pay an appropriate and justifiable termination fee to the organiser.

Cancelled Flights

When it comes to cancelled flights, even were flights are cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances such as travel bans, you can claim a refund or re-routing but not compensation.

At the moment, Italy is the European country with the biggest outbreak so far, with the country’s toll being over 450.

Brazil has reported its first patient with the illness, which means the virus has now spread to every continent except Antarctica, with cases also diagnosed for the first time in Norway, Greece, North Macedonia, Georgia and Pakistan.

Everyone in Malta is being advised to wash their hands for 20 seconds and sneeze into tissues to halt the virus’ spread.

Children and teachers returning from trips to infected countries have been advised to quarantine themselves for a minimum of two weeks, and have been sent home from school.

Need more info? Contact the MCCAA on [email protected] or by calling on freephone 8007 4400.