Cooler temperatures are coming to Malta and Gozo

If you’ve had enough of the warm and sticky weather we’ve had in Malta and Gozo, here’s some good news.

Forecasters predict temperatures across the Maltese Islands are expected to drop ‘significantly’ this week.

Malta’s number one weather Facebook page Malta Weather said: ‘Winter is getting closer.

‘A series of low pressure systems are expected to pass across the central Mediterranean from this coming Thursday, bringing not only rain showers at times but also strong winds and significantly lower temperatures.’

So how cool are we talking?

Andrea Muscat from Maltese Islands Weather predicts temperatures will reach highs of 25°C but will fall to 19°C by Friday.

He said that overnight temperatures in Malta and Gozo will fall to their lowest for almost nine months on Friday night at a chillier 15°C.

So get that big blanket ready for your bed!