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Conor McGregor accused of robbery charge in Miami

Conor McGregor has been charged with robbery after allegedly stamping on a fan’s mobile phone.

Miami Beach Police said the Irish fighter slapped the victim’s phone out of his hands and ‘stomped on it several times’ after the man attempted to take a picture of the MMA star.

The report added: ‘The defendant then picked up the victim’s phone and walked away with it.’

The alleged victim said the phone was worth around €890.

McGregor has been charged with ‘strong-arm robbery and criminal mischief’ after the fracas outside a hotel on March 11.

It comes after the 30-year-old fighter had a brush with the law in the US over a violent incident at a UFC event.

Several people were hurt when he hurled a trolley at a bus, smashing a window, as it left the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn in April 2018.

A former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion, McGregor has become one of the sport’s biggest stars and a global celebrity.

According to Forbes he is worth around €80 million, while his social media accounts show a life lived in luxury on private jets and behind the wheels of high-performance cars.