Community Chest Fund Manager Claire Micallef Pule Awarded Kalkara’s Highest Honour


Kalkara Mayor Wayne Aquilina, in the presence of the First Lady of Malta Mrs Miriam Vella, awarded Ms Claire Micallef Pule, with the City’s highest honour ‘Gieh il-Kalkara’, which was presented on the occasion of Jum il-Kalkara, which was celebrated yesterday, and we think that there is definitely no one who deserves this more than Claire.

Mr Aquilina said that he felt proud in presenting the award to one of Kalkara’s daughters. “A humble, kind-hearted woman who makes us all proud,” he added.



For those who do not know Claire, she is one of Malta’s silent heroes. Claire Micallef Pule, who is originally from Kalkara, has been working within the Office of the President of Malta since 1994, and has served under six different Presidents.



For the last 11 years, Claire has been administering the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation and she has also seen this important role as a mission rather than a full-time job. The fact that she has been entrusted to serve in the role by various Presidents bears witness to this fact, together with the words of commendation which Claire receives from anyone who has stepped inside the MCCF office in Valletta, seeking assistance.

These are people who Claire helps out on a daily basis, even outside the ‘normal office hours’ (whatever that means for Claire). Claire always goes the extra mile with these people, following up on their cases, taking their calls at any time of the day, giving them all her undivided attention, and making sure that they get the perfect amount of hope and love that they all deserve.



Claire has never celebrated a proper Christmas holiday period in the last years, and that because during L-Istrina, you will find her there, taking calls, making sure the MCCF beneficiaries are well looked after, and ensuring that the generosity of the people of Malta and Gozo will always prevail.

“My appeal is for Maltese and Gozitans, as they have always done, to unite for L-Istrina and remember that there are people who are passing through many problems, due to health issues or tragedy. Let us support them and help them,” she had once said in an interview with The Malta Independent.

From all of us at Bay, Congratulations Claire!


Photos: L-Istrina/Kalkara Local Council


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