Comet Visible From Malta All Throughout This Week

For all the early risers that get up at the break of dawn, or the night owls that don’t head to bed before sunrise, this week is a special one for you.

Comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE is gracing our pre-morning skies for the duration of the week and it can be visible from any point in Malta that has a clear view of the western horizon.

Astrophysicist Joseph Caruana tells Times of Malta that if it does not fade out, by next week it might become visible in the evening on the eastern horizon.

“It’s hard to know what a comet will end up doing, so it’s something of a lottery. It might be that this one doesn’t get better than this, it might get worse or it might get brighter. We’ll know over the next few days,” he tells the allied newspaper.

If you plan on going comet watching, you have to really keep an eye out. It might appear bright and visible when seen in a photo, but in reality, it is a bit difficult to make out, especially since it lies so close to the horizon, making it barely visible unless you’re paying attention.

Photos credits to Times Of Malta, taken by Joseph Caruana and Alexei Pace.