Comedy Duo Melissa McCarthy & Octavia Spencer Return As Superheroes In ‘Thunder Force’


Thunder Force is a new superhero film on Netflix where female superheroes save their city, Lydia and Emily – played by Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer – who have been friends since childhood.


Emily (Spencer) is a wealthy geneticist who has created a serum that gives people superpowers and when Lydia (McCarthy) accidentally gets injected with this special serum, the two women become the first superhero pairing to battle the Miscreants, a group of super-villains terrorizing their city.



Thunder Force is available to stream on Netflix and currently resides in the number 2 spot in Malta. It’s an action-comedy movie directed and written by Ben Falcone, who takes part in the movie as Kenny, alongside the rest of the cast – including Pom Klementieff, Tyrel Jackson Williams, Jason Bateman, Taylor Mosby, Bobby Cannavale, and Melissa Ponzio.


On another note, did you know Ben Falcone is actually McCarthy’s creative husband? They even have two kids together!

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