Coma Survivors Share What It Was Like To ‘Wake Up’


An interesting Reddit thread has recently resurfaced on the interwebs, revealing what it was like for many users to wake up from a coma – and from the looks of it, it sounds extremely challenging…


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The conversation sparked after someone asked, ‘Redditors, who have been in  [a] coma for a long time what was it like to “wake up” again? And how did you adjust to literally a long fast forward?’



Although many would expect people to discuss the physical challenges, there’s much more than just rehab… As one person shared, ‘I had no idea where I was. I had no idea what happened. Months later I was still learning about who did (or didn’t) visit, pray, call, ask.’


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‘Finances were a total mess (trust me, companies DO NOT CARE). Massive debt and financial penalties. And took over 18 months to get a job after painful physical rehabilitation and explaining over and over and over that I was in a coma, not just not working. Then COVID.’, they added.



Another Redditor empathised with their financial situation after waking up from a coma, saying that they experienced a ‘financial nightmare’: ‘It’s been a financial nightmare for me too, I don’t think I’ll ever recover from this. There is no forgiveness for us.


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Recently, I totally lost it on a debt collector, I was screaming through the phone at him “Do you f*cking think I planned this! What part of zero dollars do you not understand!” Fortunately I was given Social Security Disability so the working thing has a little relief but it is a penance of what I used to earn,’ they added.



One person even revealed what it’s like to see a friend after waking up from a coma: ‘Hollywood’s depiction of waking from a coma is shockingly wrong. I was really stunned when my friend was in one for about a month and had to relearn virtually every basic function.’


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Some even revealed how their memory was affected after being in a coma. One Redditor explained, ‘I was in a drug induced coma for between 2 and 3 weeks. Don’t ask me how long, I can’t tell you. That was years ago and I still can’t make a timeline for it work. I was “awake” for a day or two and realized my vision was really fuzzy.’



I finally remembered that I wore glasses. I wasn’t able to put them on myself or take them off. Putting my hands to my face was completely exhausting,’ they added. They also emphasised how much ‘admiration’ they hold for anyone who had struggles with theirs.

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