Colourful Umbrellas have popped up all over the University of Malta quad and this is why

It seems like the touch of colour that was recently in Zabbar has now been transferred to the University of Malta, but unlike Zabbar, it’s not just to make Uni Malta’s next Instagrammable hotspot.

Society sometimes looks down on conditions such as ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia, but life would be so boring if everyone were to think in the same way wouldn’t it?

So in an attempt to celebrate neuro-diversity, KSU have set up the University quad with colourful umbrellas to raise awareness on neuro-diversity.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness on ADHD specifically, and the University of Malta is the perfect place for a campaign like this.

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University campus 😋

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Students currently training for certain roles like teachers, doctors, social workers, psychologists and lawyers will be dealing with clients who suffer from ADHD.

Raising awareness on such conditions will help you recognise the symptoms and understand the disorder, understand these people better and maybe even help them manage the disorder.

The campaign launched earlier today at University Quad right under the colourful umbrellas.

Want to become more aware on the world of Neuro-diversity?

Join KSU on campus:

Thursday 31st October at 16:30 – ADHD and it’s Management by Ms Valimaki

Wednesday 6th November at 13:30 – Diagnosis of ADHD with Dr Fondacaro, Danae and Valeriya Bonkova

The umbrellas will only be up for a few weeks, so if you’re around, make sure to go have a look! Uni quad has never looked better.

Photo credits to: Edward De Gabriele