Coffee Lovers, Your Day Has Arrived!


Love a coffee to kick-start your day? Then embrace the coffee culture on 1 October, when International Coffee Day celebrates all things related to everyone’s favourite roasted brew.

International Coffee Day commemorates everything to do with the world of coffee, from the many ways it can be enjoyed by the global coffee community, to the roasters, producers and millions of farmers whose livelihoods depend upon it.



Did you know that coffee beans actually come from the fruit (called “cherries”) of the coffee plant? The cherries are edible but taste absolutely nothing like coffee. In fact, they possess a mild and slightly sweet flavour – a far cry from the rich and flavoursome coffee beans inside. There are over 120 varieties of coffee plants and each variety has its own distinct flavour, offering a sumptuous choice of deliciousness to coffee lovers around the world.



Whether you prefer a plain black to a morning cappuccino, a post-prandial espresso, or other varieties such as a latte, cortado, macchiato, an iced coffee, or an Irish coffee, there are myriad ways for consumers to enjoy the flavour produced by a handful of beans.



While acknowledging the contribution of everyone involved in the journey your coffee takes to your cup, International Coffee Day is also a chance to take stock of some of the benefits of drinking your favourite roasted brew. Coffee is more than just a delicious pick-me-up; it helps you stay alert and focused and studies show it can have many additional health benefits.



“The industry has long understood coffee and all its benefits, as well as the importance of producing it respectfully, both for the environment and in support of the many farming families who depend on it across the globe,” explains Charlene Ellul, Coffee Category Business Manager, NCC and Corporate Communications Manager for Nestlé Malta Ltd.



“We know that great things start with a cup of coffee. So, this International Coffee Day, take a moment with your favourite roast in celebration with us, and look forward to the many more years of coffee to come,” adds Ms Ellul, while raising her coffee cup in salute to the humble coffee bean.

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