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ClubHouse Media Group Signs On The Dobre Brothers & Opens All-New Dobre House


The YouTube stars, known as the Dobre Brothers, have officially been signed on by the ClubHouse Media Group, and have opened the Dobre House!



The Dobre Brothers are a family of content creators and their upcoming content house will be based in a huge Beverly Hills Mansion. The co-founder of the Media Group, Chris Young, added, ‘We are thrilled to welcome the Dobre Brothers to the Clubhouse Media Group family of creators. Working with the Brothers will strengthen our company platform and further extend our global reach’.



‘We strongly believe that our relationship with brands will add valuable opportunities to the super success the Dobre Brothers have already enjoyed for the last several years.’, he continued.


The Dobre Brothers have also been around for quite some time – we’re talking about when Vine was still a thing… yeah, we miss it too… Anyways, they started off with the twins, Lucas and Marcus, who would create a special mix of fresh content, and nowadays, they have over 23 million subscribers on YouTube, rising to fame through singing, pranking, and dancing.



Later on, their older brothers Darius and Cyrus also joined them, and on the Dobre Brothers channel, they have over 10 million subscribers!


Cyrus Dobre shared, ‘We’re excited to launch Dobre House. The opportunity to collaborate with other top-tier influencers, create new content, and expand our brand partnership opportunities through the Clubhouse Media Group network is exciting.’



‘We’re looking forward to spending time on the West Coast, working on our music, and further developing the Dobre Cars platform.’, he added.


Ultimately, their partnership with ClubHouse Media Group – which has many content houses including ClubHouse Europe here in Malta – will increase the company’s reach.