Civil Protection Department Rescue Dog Stranded Between Rocks At Fomm Ir-Rih


A lost beagle was recently rescued by the Civil Protection Department over the weekend after being discovered under a rock in Fomm ir-Rih by passing hikers.


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Today while we were hiking in Fomm ir-Rih we encountered a dog who was left stranded in the…

Posted by Janis Callus on Sunday, April 18, 2021


One of the hikers, Janis Callus, took to Facebook to explain, ‘Today while we were hiking we encountered a dog who was left stranded in the rocks, which we presumed she was left there for many days.’



They then attended to the beagle’s needs for food and water and called Animal Welfare for assistance, who then sent the Civil Protection Department who ultimately rescued the dog.


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Callus added, ‘Two firemen with numbers 82 and 223 first made sure that we were in no danger and then came down to rescue this unfortunate dog. I would like to thank these two guys, as it wasn’t an easy task’.


The beagle is now being treated at the hospital.

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