Christa Boffa’s Killing It!! Her Latest Poem About Mental Health Gave Us Goosebumps …

They say poetry is a dying art form. In schools, we study poems written by people centuries and decades ago, and it seems like as time goes by, people are more likely to write their thoughts, opinions, and emotions on a Facebook post, rather than putting it on pen and paper.

But it’s a different case for Christa Boffa, a Maltese ex-pat currently living in Italy. A few months ago, her poem about COVID-19 was doing the rounds on socials, and we honestly didn’t think she could top it… until we saw her latest release – Seen.

In a few words, Christa manages to put into words what many experience on a regular basis, emotions that anyone who has ever had bouts of anxiety gets a bit all too well.

The poem explains how someone who got invited to go out replies with a simple “I can’t today”… “I have things to do, shivering on my sofa, bringing the house down….”

“Thinking, mumbling to myself, looking for flaws in my body, actions, words … and like the biggest genius that has ever lived, if I find none, I’ll make them up … I’ll retrace my steps from yesterday and today.”

“My heart beats for me, against me…”

“My phone rings… I can’t today, I’m busy.”

And while we tried to translate the poem for you to read, no one does it better than her.

It’s amazing how she manages to create so many emotions from the words she uses, not to mention her amazing use of the Maltese language.

Christa, you’re a rising star in the making and we cannot wait to see what you’ll be writing next!


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