Chocolate For Breakfast Is Not As Bad As Parents Think, Study Finds


Usually, eating chocolate for breakfast is seen as a treat reserved for holidays such as Easter or Christmas or those mornings where you feel particularly crap.



However, a new study has looked into what happens if we had to indulge in such a sweet breakfast treat on daily basis.


I think it’s safe to say most people have enjoyed a chocolate breakfast at one point or another and we shouldn’t let society dictate our breakfast choices, though.



The study was carried out across two weeks and involved 19 postmenopausal women, who were asked to consume 100g of milk chocolate either within one hour of waking up or within one hour of going to bed.



Conclusions show that after comparing weight gain and other measures between a woman who ate the chocolate and those who had no chocolate intake.



It also revealed that a high intake of chocolate during the morning hours could actually help with fat burning and reduce blood glucose levels.



Meanwhile, eating chocolate at night could alter metabolism the following morning.


In general, the consumption was also found to decrease hunger and desire for sweets throughout the day.

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