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China’s Three-Child Policy Has Been Formally Revised


To increase the birth rate, China has amended its rules to enable couples to have up to three children.

The legislation was one of several enacted by the country’s highest legislators, the National People’s Congress, on Friday (NPC).



In a dramatic policy move, China declared in May that couples will be allowed to have up to three children.


According to the Xinhua news agency, that decision has now been legally enacted into law, along with numerous resolutions aimed at increasing the birth rate and “lowering the burden” of raising a kid.



Companies in China are prohibited by law from enforcing international sanctions against Chinese persons or businesses. Furthermore, they are expected to assist Beijing in carrying out punitive actions, and if they refuse, they may suffer penalties.



The birth rate had dropped dramatically in recent census statistics.



The government replaced its decades-old one-child policy with a two-child restriction back in 2016, however this did not result in a sustained increase in births.