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Children’s COVID-19 Questions Are Now Answered In New Book In Maltese and English


The Thousand Questions of Dino Ricciolino about the Coronavirus’, is a publication which was made possible thanks to the National Literacy Agency and is aimed at children aged three to ten years old.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many families around the world saw their daily habits change drastically from one day to the next.  The aim of this book is to answer with clarity and simplicity, but at the same time with scientific accuracy, the thousand questions that crowd the minds of the little ones.



Minister for Education and Employment Owen Bonnici said that, “knowledge is always the first step towards understanding the world around us.  With this guidebook, we want to equip children with information they require to face reality, but also increase their sense of responsibility. This publication is also an aid for families to answer their children’s questions clearly.”

“The decision for a bilingual book, in both Maltese and English, reflects our wish to reach all the children in Malta and Gozo. We will also be giving the Maltese and English eBook free of charge to students,” continued Minister Bonnici.



The publisher explained how, “Chiara Battistelli, the author, sent me this manuscript last March. Coupled with the illustrations by Onda S. it was evident that it had the potential to become a fantastic educational publication, so I accepted it. Thanks to the Maltese translation of ‘The Thousand Questions of Dino Ricciolino about the Coronavirus’, I would also like to showcase the beauty of our language when it faces challenges for adequate terminology which can be used in everyday language.”