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Children Between Ages 5 To 11 Start Receiving The COVID-19 Vaccine


Health Minister Chris Fearne announced that children from the 5 to 11 age group have started receiving the vaccine from today.


After the consignment of vaccines arrived last Sunday, Minister Chris Fearne confirmed that the vaccines started being delivered on Monday so that the vaccination programme for this age group could begin on Tuesday.


woman inject boy on arm


The EMA approved the vaccine for children and said that the common side effects are similar to those for people ages 12 and over. However, the World Health Organisation doesn’t recommend vaccination for healthy children under 12 years of age.



The vaccine authorised among children from the ages group will be Pfizer-BioNTech also known by its trade name Comirnaty. This vaccine will be divided into two injections spread apart by three weeks with a lower dosage and will be first administered to vulnerable cases.


Invitations for the vaccine will be sent to parents via SMS or by mail.