Childless Couple Choose To Opt Out Of Traditional Wedding Gifts & Make Unusual Request Instead


Choosing the perfect wedding gift can be truly tricky, but this special couple decided to ask their wedding guests to help them fund a truly unique gift – £6,000 for IVF.


The couple were trying for a baby when Nikki discovered her fallopian tubes were blocked (Credit: Caters)


Marc and Nikki Tibbals were devastated to discover they would be unable to conceive naturally and were left heartbroken when their one free chance on the NHS failed.



So, instead of traditional wedding gifts, the couple was overwhelmed by the generosity of loved ones as they received thousands of pounds to help them try for a baby. As Nikki explained, ‘We already had our home, our kitchenware and furniture, the only thing missing from our lives was children.’


The couple asked for help using their wedding invitations (Credit: Caters)


‘We made sure everyone knew they were under no obligation at all to but if they were unsure what to bring as a gift, this was the most precious gift they could help with.’, she continued. The couple was trying to conceive until Nikki discovered her fallopian tubes were blocked.



Nikki then decided to have her tubes removed, and the couple’s funded attempt on the NHS had sadly failed. Although the couple wished to try again, they knew that IVF was costly. So, when guests started to ask what they would like, they decided to ask for help.


Freddy and Olly were born in November 2014 and are now at school (Credit: Caters)


We were nervous to ask but people were thrilled by the idea and were happy to help.’, Nikki added. The couple then tried again after their honeymoon with their first round of IVF, but the cycle had to be regretfully abandoned due to Nikki not responding to the medication to produce any eggs.



Thanks to their generous wedding guests, they were able to try for a third time, but they knew it was their last chance, as they didn’t have any money left. Luckily, the IVF cycle at The Fertility Partnership’s (TFP) Oxford Fertility clinic was successful and just two weeks later, Nikki and Marc found out they were expecting!


The couple welcomed non-identical twin boys Freddy and Olly in November 2014 (Credit: Caters)


The couple welcomed non-identical twin sons, Freddy and Olly, who were born in November 2014. The couple also had one frozen embryo left, but after careful consideration, decided to donate their remaining egg to research.


Nikki concluded: ‘For anyone going through this, I would say put your trust in the clinic and use their resources. Ensure you have good support around you and talk if you can to others perhaps experiencing the same as you will discover it’s a lot more common than you realise.’


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