Chef’s Choice Introduce Four New Mouth-Watering Burgers


Ten years ago, a burger was just… a burger. It was considered as another item under the junk food category. But now, the idea of the burger is being reshaped by the dedicated butchers over at Chef’s choice! They have converted the burger to a quality steak-like burger, and have become an enjoyable meal…even at the best of restaurants!


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You heard that right, Chef’s Choice products taste just as mouth-watering as any other burger you get at a fancy restaurant. Bring the meal to the comfort of your own house! As the professionals at Chef’s Choice said, the “Succulent burgers…keep our customers coming for more,”



But…why Chef’s Choice? Well, the products simply speak for themselves! Chef’s Choice only uses the best cuts of beef from approved suppliers, and each burger contains their very own unique seasoning blended to enhance the flavour… They simply taste divine!


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“As a leading beef burger manufacturers all of our products are fully traceable and come in a range of weight and meat content options to provide choice and flexibility for our customers”



Make The Switch To A Better Burger – Plus, You Can Choose From…


Angus Burgers


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These 100% Angus beef burgers are sourced from approved Aberdeen Angus herds – this is definitely the best burger on the market. Rest assured that the superior flavour and textures will set these burgers apart from the rest. With every bite, you can feel the tenderness and the succulence it leaves!


Gourmet Burgers


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Chef’s Choice prides themselves on using only the best cuts of beef to make their burgers so gourmet! 99% beef and 1% salt – can it get any more natural than that? This definitely should go in your next “BBQ” shopping list.



Chicken Burgers


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Don’t worry, Chef’s Choice didn’t forget about all the chicken lovers out there! They have introduced the healthier version of the chicken burger with reduced calories for any weight watchers out there. Whoever you are, you will surely fall in love with its superior taste!


Premium Burgers


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We mentioned beef and we mentioned chicken… we cannot forget about pork! Made from 66.8% beef and 28.6% pork, these premium choice burgers are perfect for those admiring the mixed taste of both. “Making it one of our best-selling burgers!” Chef’s Choice added.


Chef’s Choice source for the freshest and finest ingredients to achieve the highest quality food available on the market. They produce in small batches, yet frequently which makes their burgers remain fresh and tasty. These burgers are not only exquisite but naturally high in protein! It can’t get any better than this.


So… who is up for a burger night?

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