Check out who Malta is against in the Eurovision semi-finals

Every year, come Eurovision, every Maltese person following makes more or less the same remarks…

“We’re always in the second semi-finals with all the good countries, it’s like they don’t want us to pass.”

Conspire as we might, the fact still lies, every year we are faced with some tough competition, and it was only last year, that Malta made it to the finals, after three years of getting close to the finals, but failing to for a position or two. And even if we do, it seems that something about our performance or song (or those bloody neighbors) never seems to get us anywhere withing the Top 10 … let alone snatching the crown.

And with the innate joy that comes from the thought that families all around the country are justified in making a huge festin full of party food and wine, on Saturday Eurovision night, to celebrate Malta performing with the top dogs, the country is at peace, because it seems like we’ve grown content with just making it to the finals.

With polls all around the globe predicting Destiny to win the X Factor Malta and representing us in the Eurovision, and F.A.I.T.H following her closely in the polls … Malta has already started rising in the odds.

We’ve got two more weeks to find out who’ll be waving the Maltese flag in the Netherlands this May … but in the mean time, let’s take a look at who we know we’ll be competing against… maybe who knows? Xi darba nehduh.