Check Out Which Returning Classics Await You At The Eden Cinemas This July

How long has it been since you’ve watched a movie, comfortably seated in a cinema theatre, with popcorn in hand, watching the best quality picture and sound Malta has to offer? Getting that full cinema experience is definitely something we’ve missed over the past couple of mon

Well, not only are the Eden Cinemas open once more, but they’re also bringing some well-loved movies to the big screen back with them, just so you can enjoy them in the magic of the theatre once more!

Expect these and more to be making their cinema return this July!



The Conjuring

Mamma Mia

Fast Furious 7 & 8 

A Star Is Born


With many more in the pipeline. Watch this space to see which movies are coming back to the big screen!

You can grab your tickets from their website!

Tag someone who needs to take you to the movies ASAP.



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