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Check Out This Throwback To Malta’s Very First Fashion Week


Malta Fashion Week is back with us once again and we are so hyped to look at all the talented, local designers to showcase their art! But if you’ve ever wondered what the first-ever Malta Fashion Week looked like, then we’ve got you covered!



The birth of Malta Fashion Week started with the Malta Fashion Awards hosted way back in 1999. In 2011, it marked the 13th edition of the Awards and it came with a little bit of a twist; the announcement of Malta Fashion Week!


Malta Fashion Week has been serving as a platform for many local designers, like Charles & Ron, Parascandolo, Eversince, and more! It sees a range of styles and creatives; from aspiring designers to well-known designers. It has introduced art in a new form – rather than witnessing it on a piece of canvas, you are witnessing it on pieces of clothing.



The genius behind all of this is Adrian Mizzi, who is also the creator of Venere. Together with his team, they strive to put forward an amazing fashion show for the public to enjoy and a platform for local designers to showcase their best talents. 


The First Malta Fashion Week was very well-received. Over 300 female and male models had attended the Fashion Week auditions! “We are very encouraged by this huge amount of interest,” Mizzi exclaimed. 



Mrs. Irina Garbati, general director of the World Fashion Channel, also had congratulated organizer Adrian J. Mizzi at the inaugural. “Malta, even though a small island, has got a lot to offer to the international fashion industry,” she said. 


That was 10 years ago… Wow! We are feeling quite old here. Malta Fashion Week has grown immensely throughout the past years. Styles have changed, more local designers were introduced, but the goal remained the same. Giving a platform to designers and appreciating art in fashion.



The first Malta Fashion Week saw many eccentric and peculiar designs. We had a simple little black dress with coloured gloves and a fancy headpiece. Some had flowers, and some even looked animal-like.




Elaborate headpieces and crazy hair were definitely a fashion statement during the show.  We also had the opportunity to witness Eve on the catwalk!




As I was saying with the elaborate headpiece… This Star Wars-esque aesthetic also made an appearance!




And obviously, we cannot forget about the extravagant, eye-catching makeup they gave to all the models! It is giving us some straight-up ‘Drag’ makeup vibe.


What a throwback! Styles have changed immensely throughout the years. In fact, take a look at a few snippets from yesterday’s show!



Makeup is much more simple nowadays, and no extravagant headpieces are used. The pieces can be considered a bit more ‘wearable’ and accessories are still very essential!




This year marks the 9th edition of the Malta Fashion Week! We are already on the second day and we are excited to see what JAY, Blakkript, and Ritienne Zammit have in store for us!


Do you prefer 2011’s fashion or today’s fashion? 



Keep an eye out on 89.7 Bay and Malta Fashion Week’s socials to witness all the beautiful pieces!